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Behind the Mic: Carl Babb

Behind the Mic

You can hear the deep, friendly voice of Carl Babb reading the grocery store ads every Wednesday.

The listeners who phone the office to commend Carl are occasionally answered with a call-out (“The Lovely Ladies of Loveland”)

He is one of our most popular readers with the staff as well, and not just because the woman he married 47 years ago, Sharon, happens to be a baking enthusiast who sometimes tasks Carl to deliver red velvet cupcakes to our offices on Wednesday mornings.
His program is unique and very important and the retired high school shop class instructor has been as reliable as sunrise since he started reading for AINC in 2002.
He follows his Wednesday morning routine with the methodical expectations of a teacher, and when a technological glitch or other error turns Plan A into Plan B, he makes the changes calmly and seamlessly.
Carl is a native of Las Animas and currently resides in Boulder.  His hobbies include model railroads, and, of course, shop stuff like crafting things out of metal, wood, and leather.  He also keeps one or several screwdrivers in every room of his house.

Matt Kissane, Director of Listener Services 

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