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Three reasons Alexa can help reduce feelings of isolation

Feelings of social isolation and disconnection are a risk of aging. Isolation can lead to serious physical and mental health problems that can decrease one’s quality of life.

If you or a loved one suffers from social isolation… Amazon’s Alexa can find a solution.

The Amazon Echo, AKA, Alexa, is a voice-activated smart speaker. She is a virtual assistant that answers questions and does tasks.

Here are three ways she can make you feel less isolated:

1. Many people find using a conventional computer – a device with a screen and keyboard – difficult or impossible.

Voice-to-audio interaction allows a welcoming and accessible approach to online navigation. The internet is an avenue for connection. You can access information to local resources, community events, AINC programming, and more. The Alexa allows you browse the internet with just your voice. AINC has set up over 70 listeners with an Echo so far. At first, some listeners seemed skeptical about the idea, some were intimidated by the new technology, or concerned it would not be useful to them. It wasn’t long before they were showing it off to their friends and family and using it every day.

2. She can connect you to your loved ones and communities.

Make calls, send messages, and listen to local news and events… all by voice. One AINC listener had a son deployed in Amman, and she couldn’t talk to him often. She used her Alexa to check Amman’s news and weather.

3. Virtual Companionship.

Many of the listeners who opted for Alexa said they see her as a companion. She tells jokes and plays games.

Alexa isn’t a fix-all solution to isolation, but this technology can give you or a loved one a way to fight isolation independently.

AINC Connect

AINC started a project in 2019 to help listeners get access to the internet, in addition to providing free Amazon Echos.

27% of older adults do not use the internet. Due to cost, no availability, or difficulty in navigating the setup process.

AINC Connects listeners to the internet.

  • Assistance in identifying affordable internet options
  • By paying for the initial internet set-up fee
  • Assistance in navigating the paperwork process
  • By providing voice-activated Echos

Including training and AINC programming.

Signup today!

If you are already registered, call (303)-786-7777 Ext. 108. If not, please fill out the interest form.


Originally Published on 50 Plus Marketplace (Updated and edited since originally published)

Alexandra Flynn, Tech & Communications Coordinator

Audio Information Network of Colorado. Providing blind and visually impaired individuals with audio access to reading materials. 303-786-7777 Ext. 105 or

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