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Our newest team member: Evan!

“I don’t want to sound like a cliché or anything, but I’m proud of what I accomplished.” -Evan Starnes
Evan, who is almost totally blind, was talking about hiking at Arapahoe Basin, where he summited a climb of 12,456 feet. He and nine other visually impaired climbers were assisted by specially trained sighted guides (including AINC staff) as they worked their way up the mountain. The event was an event to raise money, awareness – and to empower the people that we serve at AINC. He pushed to the summit. And though Evan didn’t want to sound like a cliché, we think he’s got a lot to be proud of – and all of us at Audio Information Network of Colorado share in that pride.
Evan hiking with his sighted guide

Evan is also the newest member of our team at AINC. He graduated from the Colorado Center for the Blind, worked as an intern with us, and then moved into a staff position.

Aftersight with Penn Street. Image contains a headshot of Penn smiling.
Weekly interview show about vision loss, with Penn Street.

He’s helped us to produce our first-ever podcast, Aftersight, he’s taught the staff a lot about technologies that help people with visual impairment, and he makes sure that the audio for our programming is clean and polished. And his work has been noticed – we’ve already heard that people have noticed the better sounding audio!

We appreciate what he’s done, we’re proud of what he’s accomplished, and we’re grateful to have him as an AINC listener. 

And, while we’re fortunate to have Evan on our team, his story is pretty unique: 73% of people who are visually impaired are unemployed!

Not everyone is as lucky as Evan – and they need support to stay connected, informed, and self-sufficient. That’s what we do at AINC: we work to make sure people know what is going on in their world, we offer resources to help them stay engaged and connected, and we work to offer support for people struggling with the realities of visual impairment and print disability. 

AINC will be taking part in Colorado Gives day 2021 on December 7. Please consider partnering with our organization. Donations can be scheduled as early as November 1st. 

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Brady Steffl, Grants Manager

Headshot of Brady Steffl

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