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Spring 2022 Newsletter

  • Foresight Ski Event
  • Volunteer Appreciation
  • 2021 Highlights

Foresight Ski Event

Penn Street and Evan Starnes – a couple of vital AINC staff members – hit the slopes with Foresight Ski Guides early in 2022!
They even used the opportunity conduct a few interviews, which were released as a special edition of Aftersight. Evan has a knack for it!

Volunteer Appreciation Event 2022

collage of 5 volunteers smiling in a vitual meeting

Every year since 1996, AINC has held an event to celebrate our volunteers. What once was a potluck gathering gradually morphed into the Annual Volunteer Appreciation Event.AINC now has as many volunteers who live outside of Colorado as we do residing in state. So our appreciation event has changed to fully remote to allow all AINC volunteers to participate regardless of where they may reside.

We appreciate the contributions of all of our volunteers – from those who have just started to those who have been with us for many years.

Volunteer Reader Milestones:

Beth Tavino – 25 yearsGerry Podgorski – 25 yearsMelissa Bonnette – 20 yearsMary Carley – 20 yearsKevin Martindale – 20 yearsWatch the event here!

2021 Highlights:

2021 Firsts

  • New technology including servers, software, and data collection
  • Added programing to streaming platforms (13,000 streams in 6 months)
  • Addition of new programs (Aftersight, Telemundo Denver, and more.)


  • 100+ remote volunteers
  • 8,000 volunteers hours
  • $218,000 in donated volunteer time
  • More focus on quality and consistency

Listener Engagement (June-Dec 2021)

  • 34,000+ podcast listeners
  • 85,000+ downloads
  • Growing demand for programming

Explosion of downloads on Apple Podcasts!

  • 10 fold increase of downloads of Spanish programs!



Aftersight with Penn Street. Image contains a headshot of Penn smiling.

Aftersight is a podcast about print disability and the life of possibilities that follows. Penn Street – Host

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BBC Mundo

bbc mundoBBC Mundo en Español. Con lo más reciente de las noticias internacionales. Claudia Murphy – Volunteer

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You can help us make a difference in lives of many Colorado residents by donating to AINC.



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