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AINC Listener and Production Statistics

The Audio Information Network of Colorado (AINC) has been broadcasting news and information for over 30 years for blind and visually impaired Coloradans. Over that time, technology and the landscape of news media has changed dramatically. At AINC, we are working to change with it to better meet the needs of Coloradans with a print disability. In our annual report, we reflected on our progress by looking at the data, survey results, and financial reports.

Keep reading for a summary.

AINC’s goals:

  1. Broadcast reliable, interesting, and useful content.
  2. Grow through increased diversity, range, and programming.
  3. Be accessible.
  4. Offer autonomy and emotional health.

By the numbers

AINC has made our on-demand content easier to find and easier to access. As a Nonprofit, we are currently evaluating how to make our content more interesting.

Programming and Production

  • 130+ programs
  • Over 100 volunteers
  • 7,500 hours of content in 2021
  • 8,000 hours of volunteer time in 2021
  • The total value of volunteer efforts in 2021 was over $218,000

Our Listeners Graph demonstrating the numbers in the paragraph

  • 1,222 Registered listeners across the state of Colorado
  • 23,000 downloads in one month

2021 Survey Responses

As our listeners endured pandemic confinement in their homes, apartments, and rooms in senior communities, our services were instrumental in reducing social isolation for some.

  • 27% of our listeners tune in a few times a month
  • 31% tune in a few times a week
  • 25% tune in every day. 
  • 90% say AINC supports independence .
  • 90% say AINC helps connect me to the community.
  • 91% would recommend AINC.
  • 75% say a human voice is important for AINC.


We serve anyone with any type of print disability – whether that print disability is caused by macular degeneration, Parkinson’s, a stroke, or a genetic condition that manifests early in life.


Our youngest registered listener is 7 years old, and our oldest listeners are over 100!

  • 72% are White
  • 17% are Latino/Hispanic
  • 5% are Black or African American
  • 2% are American Indian or Alaskan Native
  • 62% are female
  • 36% are male
  • 2% are other or nonbinary

We know that we could help so many more Coloradans! An estimated 1.9% of Coloradans have some form of visual disability. This represents an estimated 100,000+ individuals in our state! Our recent efforts to make our programming more accessible (by adding content to Spotify, etc.) is an effort to reach even more of these individuals.

Listener Testimonials

“I keep a resources spreadsheet to share with people in the blind community. AINC is one of the resources on the list. AINC is a great resource and a great way for folks to learn about resources and lead independent lives.”

“It keeps me sane. It keeps me connected to the world”

“I’ll tell you, This is a really good resource for me.”

“I am a 72 year old great-grandma, live alone in my mobile home, get along ok, but have diminishing eyesight, and get headaches while watching tv, but I listen to AINC every day, mostly in evening and stay up to date with the world around me, IE; while I live in Federal Heights, my grandchildren live in Greeley and the listening of the Tribune allows me to know what is happening where my granddaughter lives and it really enhances our phone conversations with her, many times I let her know what she might have missed in her own community. I love and relax to the many readings of books and stories, news, and humor too. I have the echo you provided me, but I listen on channel 6.2 PBS station, Missed it so much last year when the PBS station building moved last year, and it took awhile to get back AINC back on the air. I even called and mailed the PBS people to please turn the switch back on to allow channel 6.2 to be accessed with the French setting on my audio on my TV. I want to thank you all for being very essential workers, and thank all that have contributed to the audio service that I enjoy, depend on and maintain my sanity with.”



Pie chart demonstrating the numbers in the paragraph

  • 85% from jurisdictions.
  • 11% from foundations.
  • 4% from individuals, service organizations, and special event revenue.

ExpensesPie chart demonstrating the numbers in the paragraph

  • 83% towards program services.
  • 9% towards fundraising.
  • 8% towards management and general.

Download the full report for more!

[download id=”15087″]

You can help us make a difference in lives of many Colorado residents by donating to AINC.


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