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Meet Lauren, our Volunteer Coordinator!

Our entire team at AINC is thrilled to announce we hired Lauren Bear as our Volunteer Coordinator! She comes to us with exceptional experience managing volunteer teams, instructing classes, and spearheading award winning projects in her previous roles.

So, meet Lauren: the newest member of the AINC family!

Lauren has a degree in Physical Science, with an emphasis in Chemistry and Physics, from Colorado State University. She held an internship doing forensic chemistry at the Wyoming State Crime Lab, and worked for a short time as a pharmaceutical chemist.Lauren quickly realized that this was not her ideal career path.Through volunteer work and studying traditional Thai and Chinese healing practices, Lauren recognized that connecting with people, especially when finding ways to help others, was her preferred way to spend her working hours.Lauren was born and raised in Colorado; she loves camping, animals, books, and travel. After college, Lauren moved to the arctic region known as Minnesota for a couple of decades. Now, she’s back in Colorado, close to family and mountains.

Thank you for your continued support. If you have any questions through this transition or about Lauren, please feel free to reach out.


Headshot of Kim, smiling.
Kim Ann Wardlow
Executive Director
Audio Information Network of Colorado

303-786-7777 extension 4112


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