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Listener Spotlight: Elizabeth

Elizabeth Michelin sold real estate in California’s Bay Area and wine region for 30 years. After being diagnosed with macular degeneration in 2014, she moved to Castle Rock, Colorado to be with family. “That did not work out,” she says, and she moved into her current apartment by herself. She quickly discovered the local resources among the senior and low-vision communities and became more comfortable. “If I stayed in California, I wouldn’t have my cat and apartment,” she says about the ease of adjustment and access to services in her new home.

Her cat is Bella, a well-fed shy tuxedo who goes to bed at 8:00 every night.

Elizabeth signed up for AINC services in February 2020 and received an Echo Dot just in time to serve as a companion through the COVID-19 period of isolation. Her favorite feature is the phone-locating skill. When she misplaces her phone, all she has to do is ask “The Talking Lady” to find it. She tells all her low-vision friends to set this important accessibility skill on her phone. She also loves audiobooks, which she gets from the Talking Book Library, but those from her local library’s electronic resources website can be accessed by The Talking Lady.

Interested in signing up for this free service, or know someone who is? Sign up online!

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