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Surviving Hardship, Embracing Technology: Gilbert’s Story

Gilbert Sisneros grew up in Southern Colorado surrounded by his brothers and sisters. He comes from a hardscrabble family that had to work hard to survive the Great Depression.

It was all hands-on deck for his parents and siblings. When he was nine years old, he was injured in an accident that severely injured his left arm. At the time, the closest doctor was a veterinarian that would treat humans and animals alike.

His arm became gangrenous. And he lost his arm below the elbow. Unable to work on the family farm he was sent to Denver to continue his medical treatment and his education. He went on and lovingly raised his four children and adores his many grand and great grandchildren. Turning 90 this August, his eyesight has been diminishing over the last few years. He forgets what name to use to activate Alexa sometimes and calls her several different names until he gets it right finally. He relies on Audio Information Network to get his news and info throughout the day and follows a schedule to listen to his favorite and required programs. He is often known to say, “I have been around since snakes had legs.” And by having Alexa and AINC he hopes to keep his mind oiled and stay connected for as many years as he can.

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