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Fun Summer Activities for People who are Blind or Low Vision

All of the following activities were recommended by AINC’s programing Advisory Committee for others who are blind and low vision.  They are recommended because they are particularly tactile and allow you to engage in unique sensory experiences.

Alligator Farm

For 25 dollars (or 12.50 if you are a child or senior) you can go to the Alligator Farm and pet or hold a small alligator. For a little extra, you can buy Gator Chow and feed the alligators. In addition, you will have the opportunity to pet and feed tortoises and even fish for carp to feed the alligators. 

Butterfly Pavilion

The Butterfly Pavilion costs 14.95 dollars for adults, 12.95 for seniors and 9.95 for children. It features five exhibits, including outdoor gardens and nature trails, where you can feel the plant, engage in mindfulness and hear the nature around you. Each exhibit features a unique touch experience and live animals. Highlights of the Butterfly Pavilion include feeling the butterflies around you, holding Rosy, the tarantula as well as touching aquatic invertebrates, including sea stars and horseshoe crabs

Belleview Farm

The Belleview farm is a great activity for children (and adults who like animals), because it allows you to pet the animals. It costs 2.5 dollars to enter, and it is located in Belleview park, with a creek and various picnic areas. 

Whiskey Distillery Tour

Whiskey Distillery Tours usually cost around 20 dollars and they are a great interactive way to learn about whiskey, the history of whiskey, and the production of whiskey. You can smell and taste the whiskey while having a nice time with friends.

Railroad Tours in Colorado 

Railroad tours are quintessentially Colorado and perfect for people of all ages; you can feel the bumps in the track and if you are in an open car, feel the wind rush by and feel the nature. For an expensive, top tier experience, the Royal Gorge Train is complete with upholstered inside seating and a restaurant and cost around 120 dollars. For something cheaper, but just as fun, tickets for the Georgetown Loop are 34 dollars- if you purchase an outside car. There are also plenty of other trains in Colorado with prices in between.

Spice Shops in Colorado

Going into spice shops just to smell the spices is a fun, free way to spend time with friends (or alone for that matter). Whether you buy something or not, it is an opportunity to smell new things, and maybe even learn something about spices. 

By Kaatje Vanderberg


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