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AINC Originals Now Transcribed!

Exciting news! We’ve boosted our accessibility game by adding transcriptions to our AINC original podcasts. A big shoutout to our Programming Advisory Committee (PAC) for shining a light on the need for transcriptions, especially for our DeafBlind community members.

Find transcriptions on:


Blindsight is an AINC original podcast. Each week, we will discuss the healing of the mind, body, and soul. Your host, Bill Lundgren will address mental health topics including addiction, depression, anxiety, and grief. This podcast will also discuss processing trauma and building healthy relationships. We will be answering your questions through conversations with industry experts to help you in your journey to health and mental wellbeing. Click here to listen to Blindsight. 

Blind Level Tech

Blind Level Tech (BLT) is a fun new show dedicated to the use of technology for those who are blind and have visual impairments. We’ll walk you through the latest and greatest tech from Apple to Microsoft and TVs to kitchen appliances. We’ll even throw in some good ole dad and tech jokes for good measure. Being blind is hard enough. Your tech experience shouldn’t be. Click here to listen to Blind Level Tech. 


Welcome to Aftersight – Our host, Penn Street, began her journey into vision loss at the age of nine, and each week she is joined by a member of the community who can talk about how blindness or low vision has impacted them – or how THEY have impacted the community. These conversations can be informative, or they can be stories of the denial, depression, and grief that come with processing a life change – but together we grow and find solidarity. On Aftersight, we learn and we share experiences. We hear how lives have changed, lives have stayed the same, and we’re always reminded that there is life AFTER sight. Click here to listen to Aftersight. 

Navigating Life with Vision Loss

“Navigating Life with Vision Loss” is an AINC original podcast. In this weekly podcast, we answer your questions on a variety of topics surrounding vision loss. Need to know what to do in standing up for yourself? Wondering how to find a counselor or therapist? Do you need to know how to fill out patient forms in a crowded doctor’s office? This show is for you. We’re giving a voice to the challenges faced by people with blindness or vision loss. We’re here as a resource for you, your family, and your friends. Listen to Navigating Life with Vision Loss here. 

Hear it, read it. Find the link in the episode description on Apple or Spotify.

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