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Aftersight’s 2023 Volunteer Achievements

Volunteer Spotlight

In January, Aftersight launched the Volunteer Spotlight podcast as an addition to our volunteer of the month award. This monthly podcast is meant to give volunteers of the month the chance to talk about how they first got involved with Aftersight, their experiences as a volunteer, and how it has impacted them. The main goal is to not only inspire and educate volunteers and listeners, it’s also to encourage others to get involved.

Programming Volunteer Specialist

A native Coloradan, Jennifer Neptune, served in Costa Rica, Colombia, and Brazil for over 20+ years as a missionary serving marginalized populations, presenting them with resources and opportunities to not only survive but thrive in life. She returned to the States in 2021 and found jobs that would reach populations that needed care, connection, and support. Her hobbies are macramé and horseback riding.

2023 Volunteers of the Month

  • JANUARY: Emily – Human Health
  • FEBRUARY: Nick Isenberg – Tactile Traveler
  • MARCH: Jon Arnold – Colorado Outdoors
  • APRIL: Mariel Paulina Canepa – NYT en Español
  • MAY: Jerry Podgorski – On the Lighter Side
  • JUNE: Elaine Walford – Broomfield Enterprise
  • JULY: Angie and John Flynn – Parents Magazine & Pueblo Chieftain
  • AUGUST: Bill and Anita Head – Boulder Daily News • Denver Post
  • SEPTEMBER: Philip Neilsen – Prime Time for Seniors • Adams CO News
  • OCTOBER: Nicola Fordwood – Boulder Daily Camera • Longmont Times Call
  • NOVEMBER: Ginger Hedrick – Colorado Sun • Fort Collins Coloradan
  • DECEMBER: Thomas Anglewicz – Christian Science Monitor

Volunteer Engagement

This year, we achieved a record number of volunteer applications and introduced our first-ever waitlist. Key initiatives included:

  • Voiceover Bootcamps: Enhancing skills through hands-on training.
  • One-on-One Support: Weekly sessions with an audio pro.
  • VSL and Educational Series: Celebrating contributions and expanding knowledge on topics from listener metrics, deafblind experience, and audio quality.
  • Online Guides & Studio Sessions: Upgraded resources and welcomed volunteers back into studios.
  • Feedback and Appreciation Events: Implemented improvements based on surveys and hosted special events.

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