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Volunteer Story: Kathy Scott

Kathy Scott, one of our exceptional volunteer readers, has recently received an honorable mention at the IAAIS Programs of the Year Awards. This recognition, from the prestigious International Association of Audio Information Services, highlights the outstanding quality and impact of her work with Aftersight. Kathy’s dedication and talent in delivering clear and engaging audio content have made a significant difference in keeping our community informed.

Kathy’s Story

Hi, I’m Kathy Scott!  I serve in the US Air Force as a Chaplain and currently stationed at Dover Air Force Base, Delaware.  My home state is Colorado, thus the connection to Aftersight.  In my role as Chaplain, I do a lot of public speaking, and from the beginning of my career, people would comment on my vocal quality: so easy to hear and understand, pronunciation is great, so smooth and easy to listen to, and consider audiobooks.  Over the years, after plenty of encouragement from others, I decided I needed to share my talent.  I did a quick search for volunteer opportunities in Colorado, and found the Audio Information Network of Colorado (now Aftersight).  The website was so easy to navigate for a future volunteer; I submitted my volunteer application and audition.  And well, the rest is history!  I enjoy reading the Sunday Pueblo Chieftain, and appreciate the opportunity to substitute for other programs.  Aftersight appreciates their volunteer readers and offers additional training and opportunities to refine our talents, to include one on one sessions with Jonathan.  Because of the physical distance, I don’t participate in the volunteer gatherings, but do appreciate from a distance the emphasis on connecting with others.

Thank you, Kathy, for your service and for your wonderful contributions to Aftersight. Your voice helps us fulfill our mission of keeping the community informed and connected. Congratulations on your honorable mention at the IAAIS Programs of the Year Awards!

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