Information Equity and Empowerment for the Blind

Welcome to the Aftersight, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing audio access to print information and empowering services for blind, low vision, or individuals that need an alternative to print across Colorado.

We produce audio recordings of newspapers and other printed materials in English and Spanish. We also offer original podcasts, listening equipment, support groups, and empowering events.

Our mission:

Aftersight provides news, information, and resources in audio format for people who are blind, have low vision, or benefit from alternatives to print.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to offer connection. We connect people with voices that understand and heal, with tools that offer self sufficiency, with news that informs and educates, with events that empower, and with stories that entertain.

Our Values

  • Equity: Striving towards information equity for people who are blind or have low vision – particularly individuals from historically marginalized communities.
  • Belonging: Offering a place to gather, share, learn, and build a genuine relationship with the community.
  • Innovation: Innovating to empower people with low vision or blindness. We constantly embrace new technology, pilot novel programming, strengthen our community, and foster new collaborations.
  • Dedication: Dedicated to engagement and partnership with those we serve.
  • Empowerment: There is no one way to thrive with vision loss. We’re here to offer community, tools, and resources so everyone can navigate their path forward.
Group of hikers cheering and lifting white canes in the air.
Evan and Jonathan in a podcast studio laughing.
Senior woman listening to headphones on a chair in a living room.

What our listeners say:

“it was like reading a book again! I was thrilled! Absolutely thrilled. I’ve been blind for 7 years and it was just like I read a book!” – Jerry, a listener of AINC.

Results of a 2022 survey show that:

AINC supports independence. 90%
AINC helps connect me to the community 90%
Would recommend AINC 91%
A human voice is important 75%


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