Audio Narration Services for Print Publications

Enhancing Accessibility for Newspapers, Magazines, and More

At Aftersight, we are dedicated to empowering organizations to be accessible to individuals with disabilities. We offer professional narration services for Colorado newspapers, magazines, and other publications that the public relies on. Our team of over 100 talented volunteers brings your written content to life and we offer publishing services to our audience of over 40K.

Our efficient workflow allows us to convert daily, weekly,  and monthly publications into audio format on the same day they are released, catering to the timely needs of our listeners who rely on this service.

  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Newsletters
  • Calendars
  • Manuals
  • Courses
  • PSAs
  • Infographics

Partnership and Collaborative Approach:

At Aftersight, we foster collaborative partnerships with publications to provide accessible audio content to individuals that are blind or have low vision. Our services are affordable, and depending on the specific project, we may provide this service for free, thanks to the generous support of our donors, funders, and grants, as well as the dedication of our 100+ volunteers. We kindly request that publications fully utilize the narrated content to maximize the impact of our resources and ensure they are utilized to their full extent.

We request that publications actively engage with the narrated content we provide by:

  • Granting us free access to their print content, typically through the donation of a full access e-edition.
  • Making these narrated versions readily available on their websites.
  • Granting us permission to use their publication name and logo for promotional purposes.
  • Spreading the word about Aftersight.

With many organizations, we have gone the extra mile by engaging in sponsorships, featuring news stories, collaborating on fundraisers, and sharing valuable knowledge. These efforts have proven to be mutually beneficial for both organizations involved and have had a positive impact on our community.

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About Aftersight

Aftersight is a leading  recording service that specializes in producing audio versions of traditionally printed content for those that are blind or have low vision.

We help news organizations, brands, and content creators make audio formats with authentic voices of our 100+ volunteers. From newspapers to magazines, newsletters to infographics – our team has produced regular audio versions of publications for 30+ years.


At Aftersight, we uphold a meticulous process to guarantee the delivery of exceptional audio content. Our dedicated volunteers undergo comprehensive training to create high-quality audio recordings characterized by accuracy, professionalism, and adherence to deadlines.

  1. We emphasize precision in faithfully reproducing the original material, capturing its essence and details.
  2. Professional presentation is a core aspect of our process, with volunteers employing appropriate tone, pacing, and articulation to effectively convey the message.
  3. Our volunteers understand the importance of meeting deadlines, ensuring prompt delivery of audio content according to publication schedules.

As an organization, we operate under the Chafee amendment, which provides essential support and legal framework for our work. The Chafee amendment ensures equal access to information for individuals with disabilities. It serves as a crucial foundation for our commitment to accessibility and inclusivity.

Selective Process: Ensuring Alignment with Our Mission

We have a selective process to ensure that the projects we undertake align with our mission and vision. We carefully evaluate each request to determine if it falls within our scope and is in line with our commitment to accessibility. This allows us to focus our resources on projects that have the greatest impact on our community. While we strive to support as many organizations as possible, we may need to decline projects that do not align with our core values or expertise. We appreciate your understanding and encourage open communication to explore collaborative opportunities that meet the needs of your audience while remaining true to our mission.

Acceptance criteria:

  • The project aligns with our mission of providing accessibility to individuals who are blind or have low vision.
  • It serves the needs of our target audience and contributes positively to the community.
  • It is within our technical capabilities and available resources.
  • The project allows for collaboration and mutual benefit between our organization and the requesting entity.
  • It doesn’t duplicate existing or similar services.


If your organization is committed to making content more accessible to individuals with disabilities, we are here to help. Please reach out to us for further discussion.

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Senior Programming Manager
Office: 303-786-7777 extension 4105
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