Internships at Aftersight

The Aftersight’s internship program is a unique opportunity to explore the audio information industry, podcasting, journalism, and the non-profit sector. We give interns hands on experience with practical applications, and the opportunity to learn from trained professionals.

Aftersight is a non-profit organization that provides audio editions of print materials for individuals who are blind or have low vision. We are seeking motivated and talented interns to join our team and support our mission.

These internships are designed for students who want to learn how these industries work and gain professional skills to use in future careers.

birds eye view of desk with a pen and notepad, a cup of coffee and a smart device.

Currently, we have no open internship positions at Aftersight.

Nonetheless, if you possess unique skills that align with our mission, we welcome a conversation. Let’s explore potential opportunities together.

  • For voiceover skills or event assistance, contact
  • For programming, marketing, or podcasting skills, contact
  • For any other inquiries, contact

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