PSA Submissions

Have your PSA voiced by one of our talented hosts and broadcast across Colorado.

At Aftersight, we believe in the power of community and strive to keep everyone informed about the positive things happening in Colorado. If you have any announcements that benefit your local community, we would love to hear about them.

Oh my gosh this makes me so happy. The PSAs sound incredible and it makes me proud to know this information will reach more people. Thank you for your help in this space, you really do incredible work!

– Laney S., Colorado Ceasefire

To share your announcement, simply fill out the form below and provide as many details as possible. You can even attach .pdf, .jpg, .png, or .doc files to make the process more convenient. If you include a photo, we may even feature your announcement on our social media network!

Thank you for taking the time to share your news with us. Together, we can help spread positivity and strengthen our community.

Submission Guidelines

  • A PSA (Public Service Announcement) should have information that is relevant and benefits our listeners. They are brief (Roughly 30 seconds).
  • We will consider all submissions, but we may not accept PSAs for various reasons including: They are too narrow (ex: high school reunion), political announcements, PSAs for commercial businesses where there is an emphasis on selling, events that are for members only, accessibility issues, etc.
  • PSA requests must be made at-least three weeks before the event date.
  • Aftersight does not take responsibility for inaccurate information. Please proofread your submission before submitting your PSA

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