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Topic of the Month is a way for AINC to use feedback from those who are blind or visually-impaired to highlight content that is important to our audience. Each month, we will publish a variety of podcasts, audio editions, resources, and more on all of our platforms.

This page contains a compilation of the media assets. Check back each month for new topics!

January Topic:

Independent Living

  • Doing daily activities.
  • Getting around.
  • When to ask for help.

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young woman walking down a sidewalk with a cane and a guide dog

Beyond Vision: Maintaining Independence

The Center for People with Disabilities’ (CPWD) Beyond Vision program, serving Boulder County and the North Metro area, provides one-on-one and group education and training for people of all ages to learn the skills they need to remain independent with vision loss and live fulfilling lives.

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Amazon echo and the echo dot sitting atop of newspapers.

Three reasons Alexa can help reduce feelings of isolation

Feelings of social isolation and disconnection are a risk of aging. Isolation can lead to serious physical and mental health problems that can decrease one’s quality of life. If you or a loved one suffers from social isolation… Amazon’s Alexa can find a solution.

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