Audacity Editing Certificate Program

Lesson 1: Getting Started


Welcome to the first step in your journey to mastering audio editing with Audacity! In this lesson, you will register for the Audacity Editing Certificate Program, ensure your system meets the necessary requirements, and install the Audacity software.

We will receive your project submission and quiz answers as you go along. If you need to step away from your lessons, bookmark the page you are on so you can easily return back to your spot and continue where you left off. Do not skip sections or steps, and follow the lessons in order.

Step 1: Register

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Step 2: Systems Requirement Check

Make sure your computer has:

  • At least 8 GB of memory (RAM) to run programs smoothly.
  • An internet connection with an upload speed of at least 10 Mbps for sending files online.
  • An operating system like Windows 10 or 11. Older versions like 8.1, 7, and Vista might also work. For Mac users, macOS 12 or 13 is good, and it may also work on OS X 10.9 Mavericks or newer.
  • For Windows, it doesn’t matter if your computer is 64-bit or 32-bit; both work. Mac users should have either Intel or Apple Silicon processors. If your Mac is older (before OS X 10.14), you’ll need a specific version of the software (Intel-only dmg).
  • Enough space on your computer’s main storage drive (hard drive or SSD) that allows for quick saving and accessing of files. Using storage like network drives, external hard drives, or USB sticks might cause problems.

Step 3: Download Audacity (OR if you already have it, ensure it is updated to the latest version).

Download from scratch:

  • Visit Audacity’s official download page to get the latest version.
  • Follow the installation guide to install Audacity on your computer.
  • Open Audacity to ensure it is functioning correctly on your system.


  1. Check the Current Version: Open Audacity and go to Help > Check for Updates and click Install Update
  2. Install the Update: Run the downloaded installer by following the setup wizard. It will typically automatically update the existing version to the latest one, preserving your settings and preferences.
  3. Restart Audacity: Open Audacity after the installation to ensure it is updated to the latest version. You can verify this by going to Help > About Audacity.

Step 4: Prepare your Workspace

Set up your audio editing workspace.


You have successfully enrolled in the Audacity Editing Certificate Program, checked your system’s compatibility, and installed the Audacity software. You’re now ready to start learning the fundamentals of audio editing!

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