Audacity Editing Certificate Program

Lesson 3: Advanced Editing Techniques


Welcome to Lesson 3 of our Audacity training series! In this lesson, we’re going to cover some advanced editing techniques that will take your audio editing skills to the next level. You’ll learn about audio clipping and how to adjust volume effectively. Additionally, we’ll explore how to manipulate speed, pitch, and tempo to enhance your audio projects. These tools are essential for creating dynamic and engaging audio content, so let’s dive in and master these advanced techniques in Audacity!

Step 1: WATCH: Audio Clipping


Using a script of your choice, create a <15 second audio clip. Use this clip as a starting point to follow along with all the steps in this lesson. You will turn in your completed practice file at the end of this lesson.

Step 3: WATCH: Increase and Decrease Volume

Watch the video and follow along.

Step 4: WATCH: Speed, Pitch, and Tempo Effects


Export your practice file as an Mp3 file and upload below.

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    Congratulations on completing Lesson 3 of our Audacity training series! You’ve now expanded your skill set with advanced editing techniques, including managing audio clipping and adjusting volume, as well as changing speed, pitch, and tempo. These skills are vital for producing high-quality, engaging audio content.

    To advance to Lesson 4 and continue enhancing your audio editing abilities with more sophisticated techniques, you must pass the quiz on this lesson’s content. Successfully completing the quiz will ensure you’re prepared for the complexities of the next stage in your Audacity training.

    Ready to test your knowledge and move forward? Pass the quiz and join us in the next lesson for a deeper dive into professional audio editing with Audacity!

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    What steps are described to increase or decrease the volume of an audio file in Audacity, and what is the significance of the waveform’s appearance in this process?(Required)

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