Volunteer Absence Notification Form

Everyone may need to miss a recording session from time to time due to vacation, sickness, or just life. If you plan to miss an episode of your program, fill out this form to notify Aftersight staff. Fill this out in advance if possible. If it was an unplanned absence, please fill this out as soon as you can afterwards.

  • Not submitting this form when you are absent more than 4 times could result in dismissal of your volunteer position. An email or phone call to a staff member does not replace the need to fill out this form.
  • There is no penalty for absences IF you fill out this form with every session you miss, however if you must miss your episodes very frequently, we may be in contact with you about assigning something that better fits your schedule.
  • Please don’t use this form to notify us that you can no longer commit to a show permanently. If you choose to retire as a volunteer, or wish to discuss a different assignment, contact alex@aftersight.org

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