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Aftersight relies on our dedicated team of volunteers to fulfill our mission to provide news and information in audio format for the blind and low vision community of Colorado. 

Volunteers are the heart and voice of Aftersight.  Every year, our volunteers support us in a number of ways, including reading and recording thousands of hours of Colorado print so that people who struggle to read can have access. Their generosity offers more than self-sufficiency, it offers humanity and connection. This is vital, because our listeners are frequently older adults with vision loss – many of whom live alone. Their commitment to professionalism and quality means that over 100,000 Coloradans who have vision loss have daily access to newspapers, transit guides, grocery sales ads, and SO much more.

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Interested? Discover what role is right for you and Apply today.  Or contact: . Note that some roles currently have a short waitlist, but by applying, you will be notified when opportunities open up.

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Young woman recording with a mic and laptop, smiling and wearing headphones.


Join hundreds of volunteers to read and record print materials for broadcast and podcast, from the comfort of your own home! Typically a 1-2 hour weekly commitment. Because this is a highly desired position, you might be placed on a short waitlist for an open show.


  • Good reading a speaking skills
  • Basic computer skills for recording audio.
  • A decent audio set-up in a quiet space (8+ GB RAM, good microphone, internet upload speed 10+mbps).
  • Pass a remote reading audition.

Reader FAQ's

What can I expect in the audition?

After you submit an application, check your email inbox for instruction on completing your virtual audition. You will read, record, and submit your audition remotely at your earliest convenience. We will review the audition and be in contact with you about the next steps.

How do you choose what I will read?

Program assignments take into account our programming needs and your availability.

closeup image of a newspaper that says "local news" with glasses and pen.

Community Embassador

Community Ambassadors work closely with staff to get an inside peek into the happenings of all nooks and crannies of Colorado. Typically, Community Ambassadors source local news and events, assist in outreach, and might also be a reader for a local publication.


  • Live in the area you are covering, familiarity with local news publications and events.
  • Good communication skills
A volunteer guiding a man with a white cane on a hiking trail.

Event Support

Event volunteers help with our in-person events, usually around the Denver area. This might include being a sighted guide for hikers that are blind, driving event goers to the event, assisting with our Music in the Dark event, and more.


  • Live in the Denver metro area
  • Pass a background check
  • Good communication skills
Young woman with white cane and sunglasses sitting on steps, smiling with a phone to her ear.

Listener Outreach

Our Listener Outreach team has one-on-one and personalized connections with our listeners. This might include telephone calls, creating braille birthday cards, and more.


  • Pass a background check
  • Good communication skills
Young woman listening to headphones.

Programming Support

Our Programming Support team helps us audit our audio content to check for quality and consistency. They also help in other ways, such as creating transcriptions, coming up with podcast descriptions, and more.


  • Basic computer skills to navigate internet.
  • Good communication skills.

If you are already an active volunteer and would like to try different a different role, skip this application and contact:

Volunteering with Aftersight: By the Numbers

Over 100

Aftersight currently has over 100 active volunteers. The vast majority are readers!

273 Thousand

Podcast downloads were tracked in 2022, and numbers are only increasing!

9.3 Thousand

Number of episodes volunteers contributed to Aftersight platforms in 2022.

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