Welcome to your Volunteer Audition

Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer reader for Aftersight.

To fulfill our mission to our listeners, and to set you up for success as a volunteer, we require all volunteer applicants to review our volunteer standards and pass an audition. In this audition, we will be looking for your ability to follow directions precisely in order to create and submit a high-quality audio recording.

Quality we expect:

Click  below to listen to a sample of the level of audio quality we expect. Notice it is high quality, free from artifacts, clipping, distortion, phasing.  The presenter has good pace and pleasant tone.

How it works:

Step 1: Prepare

Read instructions and prepare recording space.

Step 2: Record audition

Cold read the audition, adhering to all requirements.

Step 3: Submit audition

Submit your mp3 file through the portal in this page.

Step 4: Check email

Aftersight will audit your audition and get back to you within 30 days.

Before continuing…

  1. Review the email you received from Aftersight shortly after you submitted your application.
  2. Ensure you have Audacity installed and your microphone on hand.
  3. Find a quiet space where there will be zero ambient noise or echo.
  4. Silence your phone and remove electronics from your recording space.
  5. Open Audacity and plug in your microphone.
  6. Recommended: run a test recording to ensure your quality.
Need help?

If the answer you seek is not on this page or in the email, contact jennifer@aftersight.org

Performance Requirements:

✔ Clear diction
✔ Confident, lively presentation
✔ Good flow
✔ Precisely read content
✔ Proper pronunciation
✔ No long pauses
✔ If you make a mistake, verbally correct it by saying “correction” and repeating the word.
✔ Follow instructions and work independently.

Audio Requirements

✔ mp3 format
✔ 192 constant bitrate
✔ Mono
✔ Around -12db output
✔ Clean and high quality audio
✔ No disruptive sounds like coughs or shuffling.
✔ We want to hear what you and your recording set up sounds like, unedited. Do not edit your file.
✔ Name your file using this format: firstname_lastname_Aftersightaudition.mp3

Hint #1: It’s common for publications, even major ones, to regularly have typos. We want to see how you handle them (Example: repeated words, missing words, misspelled words, wrong grammar). If it’s obvious what the writer intends, we expect you to seamlessly correct it on the spot, ensuring it’s neither noticeable nor distracting for listeners.

Hint #2: Before starting, familiarize yourself with your recording equipment details, including your microphone type and any additional audio devices. You’ll be prompted to discuss your setup during the audition.

Relax, take a deep breath, and begin your audition.

Do not pre-read the audition materials. This is meant to be read for the first time as you record it.  Start the recording in Audacity and then click the appropriate audition below and begin reading the materials as written (You can do either English or Spanish, or both). When you finish, return to this page and follow the directions to submit your audition.

Submit your audition

  1. Review audio requirements checklist and file naming requirements above.
  2. Export your file.
  3. Login to our Aftersight portal using this username and password (NOTE: If you are assigned to a program, you will be given your own unique username and password):
  4.  Upload your file by clicking “+ New” and then “File Upload” and upload your audition.

What next?

Thank you for submitting your audition!  We will audit your audition and get back to you soon. If you pass, we will work with you to assign you to your very own program! If you don’t hear back within 30 days, email jennifer@aftersight.org. We look forward to a fun, safe, and fulfilling collaboration.

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