Voiceover Classes

Want to improve your voiceover skills? Aftersight is offering in-depth and individualized courses throughout the year with an audio professional to help you hone in on your skills.

  • Find your vocal style.
  • Write captivating scripts.
  • Master your speaking skills.
  • Capture excellent audio.
  • Advance your professional voiceover career.
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Your host: Jonathan Price

Over his 15 years, he has specialized in audio restoration, recording, mixing, and music composition. Storytelling through audio is a large part of his process. Every story has something valuable to take from it, and he believes in living a “15-minute” life.

But, space is limited, so apply NOW.  Applying up does not guarantee you’ll make it into your preferred session. Please look out for an email confirming if you are signed up or on a waitlist.

Upcoming Sessions:

Spring 2024 Voiceover Bootcamp

Ideal for both newcomers and past attendees, this hands-on class will dive into the essentials of audio recording. Learn mic techniques, breathing, posture, script selection, tone, and more, with an in-depth look at different microphones. Tech questions welcomed!

When: April 26th, | 10:00 am – 12:00 pm (MT)
Where: Virtual
Host: Jonathan Price
Spaces open: Only 4 spots available! 
Cost: Free for active AINC Volunteers, $50 for non-volunteers.
Requirements: Submit audio sample showcasing your best audio quality and performance. NOTE: If you have attended in the past, there is no need to submit more audio samples.

*Spaces open are updated daily, but may not be up-to-date real-time. Check email to confirm if you made it into a slot or are on a waitlist.


Applying does NOT guarantee your place in the bootcamp. We will check your audio sample for quality within a few business days. If it meets our requirements, we will confirm your spot in the bootcamp and send you a link to a form to sign up and pay necessary fees (Fees not applicable to active Aftersight volunteers).

Audition Requirements

As part of your application, please complete the audition by recording two different scripts provided in the download below. Ensure that you submit your audition along with your application for consideration.

What we are looking for:

✔ Clear diction
✔ Confident, lively presentation
✔ Good flow
✔ Precisely read content
✔ Proper pronunciation
✔ No long pauses
✔ Clean and high quality audio
✔ No disruptive sounds like coughs or shuffling.

We appreciate your attention to these requirements and look forward to reviewing your audition. Good luck!

Upload your audio sample audition. This is required for all new registrants. If you have attended a Bootcamp in the past, no need to submit another sample.
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