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Aftersight’s 2023 Annual Report

We are thrilled to announce that Aftersight’s 2023 Annual Report is now ready for download! This comprehensive report highlights our achievements, challenges, and the impact we’ve made in serving individuals with vision loss or blindness throughout the year.

Summary of the 2023 Annual Report:

  1. Historical Evolution: From our origins as the “Radio Reading Service of the Rockies” to the recent name change to “Aftersight,” we reflect on our journey and how our identity has evolved to better serve our community.
  2. Strategic Goals: Our strategic plan focuses on building inclusive communities, ensuring future readiness, and supporting informed independence through innovative programs and initiatives.
  3. Program Highlights: We launched new podcasts like “Blind Level Tech” and “Volunteer Spotlight,” enhancing program quality and reaching wider audiences with valuable content.
  4. Successes: We celebrate our successes, including increased podcast downloads, successful fundraising events like the “Bringing Print to Life Hike,” and positive feedback from our listeners and volunteers.
  5. Challenges: We address challenges related to technology, quality assurance, Spanish programming, growth, funding diversity, and awareness gaps, showcasing our commitment to continuous improvement.
  6. Data and Impact: The report includes data on listenership, donations, volunteers, program downloads, and survey responses, demonstrating the positive impact we’ve made and the engagement of our community.
  7. Financial Transparency: Aftersight’s financial report shows our dedication to transparency, with a focus on program services and responsible financial management.

Download the Full Report: Click here to download the complete 2023 Annual Report

We invite you to delve into the full report to learn more about our journey, achievements, and plans for the future. Thank you for your continued support as we strive to empower and connect individuals who are blind, have low vision, or benefit from alternatives to print.


The Aftersight Team

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